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Mastercard® promotion

Use your Mastercard and get 10% back to your PayDo promo account

Until December 31,2019, pay Paydo services with your registered Mastercard and we will reward you by crediting 10% of the amount spent to your special PayDo promotional account.

For example, for 10 kunas paid with your registered Mastercard, you will be refunded 1 kuna on your promotional account! In this way, you will collect reward amounts until the expiration of the promotion period, after which you will be able to use the collected amount to pay for Paydo services. Use your Mastercard and earn 10% back of the amount paid!

Promotion is valid until 31.12.2019.

* 10% refund of the amount paid with your registered Mastercard applies exclusively to payments of hourly parking tickets.

Register your Mastercard via the PayDo mobile or PayDo web application.

PayDo mobile application

When purchasing a parking ticket, select the +Add card option when choosing the payment method. The application will redirect you to the CorvusPay service, where you will need to enter your card details. After successful authorization, your card will be registered and ready for payments in the PayDo application.

In your profile, select the My cards option and add a new card

Web application ( under Payments option

When registering a card, the system will charge the card 1kn, which will be immediately refunded to your account. Registration of the card is done through the Corvus Pay service (online service for the authorization and billing of credit and debit cards - Internet Payment Gateway), which receives the card number and other data exclusively for the identification and approval of the transaction.